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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

A Desk Move... And A Verdict On The Grissom Beard

Morning All. (And by "All", I mean "My Mother.")

Good news to start the day: I have moved desks. When we moved to this office, I was placed in the Media Department, an area in which there is a potent mix of incompetence and insincerity. Being neither incompetent, nor insincere, I felt out of place.

I have used a task I was given at the last minute yesterday (yes, even after that daft feedback) as an excuse to relocate over to the fun side of the office with the rest of my comrades. It is a refreshing change. I should be able to sit here til the end of the week now.

And, apparently, my Operations Manager is considering making my move permanent. Seems that my sitting with my head in my hands nine hours a day over in the Media Department has made an impression.

So, I'm sure you're all waiting for my verdict on the Grissom Beard. Not least since I promised it in yesterday's post, and in today's title. Well, sorry, the jury's still out. It's not bad, and yet he clearly looked better sans beard. Don't worry, though, I have no real problem with it. Not angry about it. Like McDonald's hamburgers, I have no real beef (I have decided to try and attract attention to my site through the subtle use of slander.)

I am still leading in the auction for the Lost in Translation t-shirt. This, frankly, is a surprise. I expect my leading status to be as short lived as the McDonald's law suit against me (I will have to settle out of court, having no evidence as to the beef content of their burgers, and no money with which to fight a multi-million pound international corporation.)

Why no shout outs yet? Ah, yes, because I haven't fixed the HTML. It's proving to be difficult because I don't know what I'm doing. In my experience, that often makes things difficult.

I have a web counter to see how many people are failing to read this masterpiece, and was surprised to discover that yesterday visits were paid by some weird websites - pacificcoast.net and marketscore.com and the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre. I suspect that none of these people were actually interested in reading my site, and this makes me think that their visits could only be out of a) spamming b) virus spreading or c) international espionage. (Remember - I'm trying to slander people in order to gain attention.)

Guess what my task is today? To sub-edit a mental health website! Ah, the irony!

Creating a decent signoff? Yeah, I think I've pretty much given up on that idea.


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