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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I Have an iPod

I forgot to tell you that. I love my iPod very much. It's a creation which makes you think maybe the world isn't all bad.

I currently smell of cigarette smoke. I don't smoke, you understand - I have eczema, an ingrowing toenail and mental health issues, I don't need emphysema as well - and so only smell of smoke because I was accompanying a colleague on a cigarette break. I like the "break" part even if I don't like the cigarette part.

We'd gone to buy coffee. Well, no, in my case, hot chocolate, cos I don't drink coffee. We attempted to track down a Costa - a Starbucks-like chain here in the UK, not only because they sell coffee, but also because of their prevalence.

Finding a Costa in London is normally like finding a mangled phrase in a George W Bush speech - ie. very easy - but, in a Sod's Law kind of a way, we couldn't find one. We've only just moved to this office, so we're still finding the lay of the land.

We found one in the end, thankfully. After a ten minute odd walk.

I still haven't thought of a decent signoff.


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