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Friday, January 30, 2004

I Lost

We all knew I would. There was a sudden flurry of bids come three in the morning my time. How on earth was I meant to compete with that?

Despite all the mental preparation for impending defeat, I'm still disappointed. But, heck, if I'd won it, I only would have worried that I spent too much money on the damn thing.

It's fun having my mind, isn't it?

News from the doctor? Well, my toe is infected, so heavy duty antibiotics ahoy. And - get this - I have to have my toe (nail) removed by a general surgeon under (local) anaesthetic. If that idea makes you feel think, imagine how you'd feel if it was your toe. Cos that's how I feel.

Also received some heavy-duty cream for my hands. So I'm all sorted now, aside from the deficient mind.

Still plugging through that task. Progress? Slow. Very, very slow.


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