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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Surviving The Snow

How many OCD sufferers does it take to change a lightbulb?
Just leave it to me, you'll only do it wrong.

I'm still leading on the auction for the Lost in Translation t-shirt. We're into the final stretch now - it finishes 6 o'clock tomorrow morning my time. This all seems a little too good to be true - I strongly suspect that someone will outbid me at 5:55am. I'm prepared for it, but I'll still be angry when it happens.

There is now another limited edition, very special, item on eBay. I really should stop looking. It's too addictive.

It wound up snowing quite heavily yesterday. Just as I needed to go home. My early views that snow were "pretty" were changed quite dramatically when I had to walk through it. Interesting how that always happens.

The problem is that I have very little sense of balance (mental or otherwise) and so snow is a perilous event for me.

What you have to understand is that the chances of me falling over and making a complete idiot of myself are much higher than for the average person. In the past people have run/cycled/skateboarded/roller bladed past me. Common sense would dictate that their chances of staying upright should be significantly smaller than mine. But no. For some reason, taking one small step is enough to put me flat on my back while other people can stay upright whilst pursuing activities in which I couldn't maintain balance even if it wasn't snowing.

I decided yesterday that the time was right to purchase a coat. I have a zip up fleece, you understand, but this seemed insufficient in light of freezing temperatures. So, I went into Marks and Spencers. Who have decided that mid-Winter is a logical time to stock swimming costumes, short-sleeved shirts, and shorts. Why must clothes shops always do this? Why the hell would I want to buy Summer clothes in Winter? Likewise, when I go to buy a t-shirt in July, I'll expect to find nothing but coats, jumpers and scarfs.

I did manage to buy a pair of gloves, though. The hands are still in the midst of that skin condition, but at least they're warm, bleeding and itchy rather than cold, bleeding and itchy.

I'm off to see the doctor tomorrow morning. It's my monthly Have You Gone Completely Mad review meeting. I also plan to mention my probable eczema and my toe - which I believe has an ingrown toenail and may be infected. This on the foot which swelled up for no reason about a year ago, and which hasn't got better. I discharged myself from the care of my consultant (who I thought was an idiot) and left it alone, avoiding an MRI scan of which I was terrified. As a result, I am now terrified that my doctor will take one look at my foot, and refer me straight back for the MRI. I tell you, being multi-phobic is never simple.

Today would be a good day to go on the London Eye, what with all the snow. But I have vertigo.

I opened a new pack of Post-It notes yesterday. Have you ever noticed the smell of a new pack of Post-Its? Lovely. Smells like the Panini stickers that my brother and I used to collect when we were little.

Speaking of my brother, I have added a link to his website - Card Zine. It's a trading card site which he's been running for years and which is very good. Why not go and check it out? Let's be honest, it can't be more boring than this, can it now?

My visit to Marks and Sparks last night also involved a trip to their foodhall. I normally avoid this, since hanging around in Marks and Sparks foodhall is like hanging around in a Post Office on Monday morning, or looking too closely at how much of your salary has been taken in taxes - it's the sort of thing which can turn you right wing.

Anyway, I found myself purchasing a basil, tomato and mozzarella salad, a fresh baguette, tuna pate, and smoked salmon pate. How very young professional of me. It's also a dramatic change from my evening meal of earlier in the week - a bowl of Ricicles.

I'm still over on the fun side of the office. And very nice it is too. Tonight, I will be avoiding a party - sorry, New Year's Reception. Nothing like a party to spoil an evening.

Time to go. Mental health website to sub-edit. Keep your fingers crossed on the eBay item. Oooo, and note that I have now set up an e-mail address so you can send insults to there - mcreadienuggets@yahoo.co.uk

I'm sure a decent signoff will pop into my head any year now...


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