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Monday, February 16, 2004

The Evil Pizza Man

I'm a pizza fan. Not a connoisseur, I wouldn't say. Pizza Hut will do. But definitely a fan. I respect the pizza (which is one of the many reasons why I say putting pineapple on one is just wrong.)

So, weekends roll round, and I often figure I'll order myself a pizza. From the local Pizza Hut. Which is, for the record, in West Norwood.

I ordered on Saturday night. Mistake. The delivery guy on Saturdays is, I would go as far as to say, evil. Of course, Saturday was Valentine's Day, so I knew I'd be in for a particularly horrible conversation. Sure enough...

Evil Pizza Guy: Have you had a nice Valentine's Day, Madam?
Me (sarcastically): I've had a fabulous Valentine's Day. How about you?
Evil Pizza Guy (showing very little interest in talking about himself): You spent the day with your boyfriend?
Me: No, I don't have a boyfriend. How about you? (Beat.) Got a boyfriend?

I do believe, Evil Pizza Guy, that the tables are officially turned.


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