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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I Do Believe I'm Cured

According to the psychologist, I am lacking in "life skills." Also, my brother is to blame for my fragile mental state. Oh, and all teasing is rooted in cruelty. There is no such thing as affectionate teasing.

Let me tell you, all this just made me feel tippity-top. I waltzed out of there feeling that my life had been turned around. I had made a major discovery: some psychologists are dense bitches who do more harm than good.

In the words of every guy this woman ever went out on a date with: I won't be seeing her again.

On the bright side, my brother also had the day off yesterday, so I met up with him. Surprisingly enough, I felt better mentally after seeing him than after seeing the psychologist. A psychologist who, as I may have mentioned, IS A DENSE BITCH.

My company has decided to start a film club. Yes, it's true. When we moved to this office and decided to blow significant amounts of money (on a fish tank, plants, and leather sofas - just the essentials) we also purchased a fancy DVD player. It has been decided that a film will be played on said player every Wednesday night. Yes, nice idea, I agree, but unfortunately everyone is trying to outsnob one another with suggestions of what to watch, and so we're landed with choices like a 1960s Danish musical on Nazi Germany. My colleague is the process of thinking up amusing fake titles, which are way too rude to repeat here.

Did I mention the psychologist was a f*****g bitch?

I bid on another "Lost in Translation" t-shirt, and was winning. Then the seller decided to close the auction because the "item was no longer available." Damn.

Signoff time...


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