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Monday, February 16, 2004

I Have A Salad For Lunch

You're meant to eat five portions of fruit and or veg a day. It's good for you. The government says so. So it must be true.

For a long time, I have believed such a target to be, well, impossible. However hard I try, I cannot imagine a way in which you could meet that ridiculous number.

Take my meals today, for example. For lunch, I have a salad. I have also brought a packet of raisins and some grapes. So I'm up to three. I still have two more to go! Let's say I have a glass of fruit juice. I'm up to four. I still have to get in one more in the evening meal.

And then I'd have to keep doing that sort of thing. Every day. Let's face it: it's bloody daft. Now five items of junk food a day? There's a five a day I could go for.

Chum FM are currently playing the mighty band from Toronto that is Barenaked Ladies. The fact that I haven't mentioned them up til now is, frankly, criminal, since they're my favourite band. Check out their website - you can even listen to some of their music.

Right, I'm off to start my Five a Day Mission. Which we all know already is going to fail. Much like my Buying a Lost in Translation T-Shirt mission.


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