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Thursday, February 19, 2004

I Know

I know that your staff are your greatest asset. Every hospital trust in every annual report says that their staff are their greatest asset. Let's just agree: your staff are your greatest asset.

On the bright side, next up is Royal Berkshire and Battle Hospitals. That's my home trust.

We are having a debate on whether white grapes or red grapes are better. Clearly, it's white. I am leading the white side - and so far we're winning.

Classic colleague quote when she's translating something - "er, you know, it means, er, memory loss... but not..." Me: "er... amnesia?" Answer: "yes."

This follows on from a couple of weeks ago when I said "do they have a month to do it?" and the response was "no - four weeks."

I should point out that English is my colleague's second language, but these instances have less to do with that than with an inability to listen.


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