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Thursday, February 19, 2004

I'm Off Home

I have done more than my fair share of profiles today - 16 in fact - and I've had more than enough.

I now turn to the excitement of figuring out whether the launderette is still open. I have a serious clothes washing situation - ie. I have none that are clean. This crisis is due to a rather foolhardy decision not to pay a visit to Wash 'n' Roll last week. So now I'm left with a situation where it's my birthday tomorrow, I do not want to do washing then, but if I don't do washing at some point before going home, I will have no clean clothes. And I don't like the traditional "Bring Washing Home For Mother" Solution.

In addition, I am fairly certain that the music shop from which I was going to purchase the Maroon 5 CD will now be shut.


And I have no idea how I am going to be able to get everything sorted so as to be settled in front of the TV in pyjamas by nine o'clock in time for "24" (Sky, you bleedin' idiots, why didn't you put it on at ten?) Yes, I could tape it, but "24" is one of those shows I feel one should watch "live."

My colleague here, who has known me since I joined the company in 2000 and been told of my birthday date, neglected to wish me a happy birthday as she left the office. I am annoyed, which is of course completely hypocritical - not really fair to get angry at people for not remembering your birthday when you neglect to tell people it's your birthday.

It's just that if I get told someone's birthday, even if only once, I damn well remember. I expect the same standard from other people - and, unfairly, get disappointed when they don't meet it. Story of my life, frankly.

Paramount Comedy Channel - one of my favourites, if only for their two dollops of M*A*S*H a night - had a trailer yesterday saying they're going to be showing Ally McBeal from the beginning! The Buddy and I were big fans of this show during our time at university. In fact, it will forever be the programme that reminds me of my university years. Like my life, it went shit when I graduated (Season 3, for the record), but Paramount will (if only at first) be living the glory days. And so I too will be reliving my glory days as I watch it, remembering nights in front of the TV with my student buddies, ice cream, and watching American sports afterwards knowing that the only thing I had to be at the next day was a three o'clock lecture.

Happy, happy days.

Catch you Tuesday.


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