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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

"Interesting" Night In The Office

It's film club again, so I have been writing profiles to the sounds of "Cabaret". Christ I hate musicals. Although, on the bright side, my hatred of musicals has made me love The Simpsons all the more.

The Buddy has declared this Saturday to be meet-up Saturday. However, my important career - profile writing - means I will probably have to be in the office this weekend. God I hope I won't have to be here on Saturday.

The Buddy has decided we should spend the day watching as many Oscar nominated films as we can find currently showing in London. That's the kind of cool and crazy cats we are. The current timetable involves "House of Sand and Fog" at 11:55am, "Mystic River" at 3:15pm and "Master and Commander" at 8:10pm. I love his planning skills - he only came up with this idea yesterday, and already has a provisional schedule. He's also suggesting "Seabiscuit" on DVD but it's three hours, I've seen it already, and at some point on Saturday I need to sleep.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that this is how I spend my Saturday, rather than reading about new entrances, See and Treat, and Junior Health Minister David Lammy.

Incidentally, I found out yesterday in the Radio Times that he used to date June Sarpong - candidate for the most annoying bitch currently to "grace" UK television screens. Now I feel really, really sorry for the guy. Last year he spent his days visiting hospitals, and his evenings "relaxing" with an irritating, probably drugged-up TV "personality". He is living proof that there is always someone worse off than you are.

The Buddy needs a new mobile phone. He has done for a year. I wonder if I can persuade him to get that sorted on Saturday. (Chances: zero to none.)

Oooo, forgot to say: there are more LiT promo t-shirts available on eBay. And some look quite promising (ie. I might have a hope in hell of winning.)

(I think we both know I've just destroyed my chances of winning.)

OK, I'm off home now. I've done more than enough to help out someone who slagged me off anyway. I'm hoping that I will arrive home to discover that my "Lost in Translation" and "What About Bob?" DVDs have arrived. So you can guarantee I will arrive home to discover that my phone bill has arrived along with copious amounts of junk mail. Sigh.


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