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Friday, February 13, 2004

My Buddy's Getting Even More Smug

If you are religious, pray that Clark doesn't endorse Kerry later today. Pray that Kerry's campaign is derailed by this woman scandal. Pray that, if Kerry wins the nomination, he picks someone else as his running mate - I'm hoping for Dennis Kucinich. Why? Cos you gotta love the underdog, and cos "Kerry and Kucinich in 04" has a very nice ring to it.

If, like me, you are not religious, then just keep fingers crossed and hope against hope.

My buddy is currently at unbearable levels. He called my pointing out that he had said Clark would offer full endorsement on Wednesday, when he withdrew from the race, "pedantic." Personally, I don't believe that pointing out his has changed his predications as he does along is pedantic, but what the heck.

We are also arguing over this. I say: stupid idea. My mate says: CJ and Elmo, I find them both extremely cute, therefore I cannot see that having PUPPETS as guest stars in a serious drama series is a bloody stupid idea (I'm paraphrasing for him here.) He is unable to see that the series has gone very, very, very far downhill because he is blinded by his love for CJ. I, being a tougher individual, can see past my love for particular characters to the general crappiness of the storyline beneath. Hold me to that when "24" has hit series three hundred and five, and I can comment on nothing other than how well Jack is aging, and how lovely he looks in a cardigan.


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