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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Pizza Nova

As you may remember, I spend my working days listening to the mighty Chum FM in Toronto.

There are many reasons I like Chum FM. They play good music. They have friendly DJs (perhaps the best being the morning show crewRoger, Rick and Marilyn.) They also let me live in an imaginary world where I don't live and work in London and have a job I hate - instead, I live in Toronto, can buy Entertainment Weekly at any newsagent, and get more Bank Holidays.

I also like many of the station's adverts. Pizza Nova, for example. "439-oh-oh-oh-oh Pizza Nova." As jingles go, Pizza Nova's is great.

I turned to the wonderful Google to confirm that the "oh-oh-oh-oh" is actually part of Pizza Nova's phone number rather than just part of the song. So I can confirm the Pizza Nova number is 439-0000. Dial them. Order a pizza.

Hey - this is great - if you go to the Pizza Nova site you can listen to the precise jingle I'm talking about! It's an extended version! It's a tune that will be going round in your head for days! Don't blame me! Blame Pizza Nova!

I've had a look at their locations, and you'll be pleased to hear that there is one on Danforth Avenue. And, those Barenaked Ladies geeks amongst you will know that Danforth is mentioned in this song by that great band.

You'll also know they actually come from Scarborough (near Toronto, rather than actually Toronto) - where, I note, there is also a Pizza Nova. Dammit, Pizza Nova, extend into England! I love your jingle!

I also love the Sleep County Canada Jingle. "Sleep Country Canada - why buy a matress anywhere else?" Damn right. Sadly they don't include their jingle on their website.

Isn't the Internet great? It means you can know the number for Pizza Nova in the Greater Toronto area off by heart yet not know the number of your local Pizza Hut. I bet this is just what the academics who created the net were hoping it would be used for. They must feel so proud.

Now sing it: 493-oh-oh-oh-oh Pizza Nova!


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