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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Sharp Intake of Breath

I have a colleague who overuses the sharp intake of breath thing.

In my opinion, there is a certain threshold an occurrence must reach before you're allowed to react with sharp intake of breath. It's a scale. The most minor event with which you should be allowed to react with SIOB is the spilling of a cup of coffee. Other events for which you could react in this way? Deleting of an important file on your computer. Watching someone fall over. Dropping your mobile phone onto a concrete floor.

Events for which SIOB is entirely inappropriate: clicking on the wrong menu in Microsoft Word. Opening the wrong file on your computer. Dialing the wrong phone number - and realising before anyone at the other end has even answered.

Yes, these are all occurrences for which my colleague deems SIOB necessary and appropriate.

But it's not.


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