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Thursday, February 12, 2004

A TV Countdown... And Some Poetry

Not long to go now.

Sky One decided to promote their new acquisition by placing six poor sods in anti-contamination suits and making them hand out leaflets on London Bridge. I felt sorry for them - until I realised they'd make a fortune selling their contamination suits on eBay.

I have noticed that many blogs include some poetry. I wonder if that's what people are looking for in a blog. Maybe they are. And so I hereby present some poetry:

Sinking, sinking
But still swimming
The water
The sea bed
Down below
I'm swimming
But sinking
Do fish get wet
When they swim?

Yes, I think that's weird and pretentious enough. Send in your interpretations. Unless you're that psychologist I went to see. I don't want any more of your "insights" into my mind.

I also note that many people construct lists and publish them on their blogs, so maybe that will be my next task.


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