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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Last Night's CSI: TV Geek Heaven

Of course I knew that Xander Berkeley had a guest stint in CSI. I'd just temporarily forgotten. Let's blame the pressure of work. So, imagine the Excited TV Geek Yelp that I let out when I saw the late George Mason chatting away to the mighty Gil Grissom. And, better still, the whole episode revolved around the CSIs having 24 hours to resolve a case. Ah ha - 24 hours! And Xander Berkeley! Who was in 24! Do you see? My God, I was delighted.

Good Gil episode last night, too. He was Good Boss Gil and Confused About Feelings For Sara Gil and Paternal To Warrick Gil - a very good combination. If he could have just been all that and Beardless Gil well, my life would have been complete. Xander Berkeley had a moustache. Now, Xander, the beard is a good look, the moustache less so. I'm gonna forgive you and assume you changed your facial hair for the purposes of this new role.

I'm sure you're very relieved.

Now, then, did I mention that I'd bought a bike? It's a Trek F400 Navigator, and I love it as much as last night's episode of CSI. Trek, you see, is the brand of bike ridden by the mighty Lance Armstrong. This is my first Trek bike.

Due to the fact that I live in a studio flat which a mouse would regard as being slightly too small for his needs, I had to purchase a folding bike. So it's not really a proper Trek, but it will do.

I wanted a Giro helmet but, sadly, those who have spent years telling me my head is too big were right - the Giro Venus didn't fit. So I got a rather lovely Trek Interval instead. I also spent a ridiculous amount of money on very smart Nike cycling gloves.

I spent much of last weekend taking the bike out for a spin. I've missed cycling - the wind in your hair, the sense of freedom, the idiots in your way. I particularly enjoyed overtaking some idiot on a proper Trek bike as I rode through the local park.


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