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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Back in the early to mid 1990s, a cereal called Chex hit the UK. A quick Google shows that it still exists in the US, but over here we are no longer able to be seduced by its charms.

My brother and I believe that there was some sort of drug-like substance in Chex. Because for a significant period of time, we found ourselves eating vast amounts of this cereal. Each and every day. Despite the fact we didn't especially like the taste. We still couldn't get enough of the damn stuff.

The Chex Effect seems to also apply to the TV show "Alias." I tried to watch it when it began, but some daft scheduling meant I missed several episodes, and got so confused I had to gave up.

For a long time, I had contemplating buying the show on DVD, but what with it being teenage boy TV/sci-fi geek stuff, it cost a fortune. Until, that is, it got put on special offer in HMV.

So I bought it. Started watching again. First few episodes I didn't think I liked it. Contemplating selling the set on eBay. Then, around episode three, the Chex Effect hit and was such that, on Sunday, I found myself watching five episodes in a row.

Series creator JJ Abrams is obviously using some kind of hypnosis technique. It's the only possible explanation.


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