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Friday, April 16, 2004

Home Time

Way hay. Quite an early finish for a Friday.

Tomorrow, due to see The Buddy. Gonna watch "The Station Agent", a film for which I have such high expectations I fear there is no way it will be able to meet them.

Nothing like being positive, is there now?

I'm sure you're all dying to hear my views on the big Griss/Sara CSI. Well, this too was somewhat of a letdown, I thought but - again - only because of the weight of my expectations. Griss, it appears, only manages to get emotional after working several hours and not eating. Much like me, in fact.

Since I was back home over Easter, I missed the start of "Las Vegas", the replacement on Sky One for Nip/Tuck. So I have to catch up on that this weekend.

"24" is, in my opinion, currently kicking butt but my Grandma says she is growing tired of it - a view that seems to be shared by many. I suspect my love for Jack may be clouding my judgement. I can be amused, however, at how his heroin withdrawal symptoms only show up when he doesn't need to be Action Jack. And at how he seems to have conducted an affair with a member of a drug family - she's not good enough for ya, Bauer. But then, let's face it, who would be? If God turned out to be female and landed on this earth, got a role in 24 playing herself, and got together with Jack - I'd still be saying she wasn't good enough for him.

Spring seems to have temporarily sprung here and, as a result, the temperature in the office is warm. Though that could be because during the recent colder snap, we turned the office heating up to 32 degrees, convinced it was having no effect.

Catch ya Monday.


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