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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

In The Buff

Don't get excited - no pornographic content - just have to plug my favourite new thing.

It's called a Buff, and it's just a piece of cloth, but it's possibly the most miraculous piece of cloth ever.

Check it out. It's bad news that you can buy them online. I will find it necessary to buy several, I expect. That wouldn't have been a problem if they'd only been available at Evans Cycles, from which I purchased my first yesterday.

Get this: it's a cap, a head band, a balaclava, a scarf - it is everything in the world. I bet it could even be a cathode ray tube if you wanted it to be. That's how versatile it is.

I bought one because I need something to wear under my cycle helmet. See, as much as I love my cycle helmet, I have a head sweating problem. I sweat a lot. I blame my mind pills.

Anyways, I particularly sweat from my forehead, and cos this is the area your helmet has to protect, there's little ventilation here. So it gets all sweaty and horrible. Solution - it's gonna be Buff.

And the rest of my head gets cold. Solution - it's gonna be Buff.

I also bought a Briko under helmet hat, which will be warm and lovely. But, God help me, I think I love the Buff more. I may be forced to wear the Buff almost all the time now. It's like when I discovered baseball caps.

The Blog ratings are going better. For a while, we'd been hit by a spate of 1s. But now things are a bit more balanced - lots of sixes. And one more nine! Hooray! This could just be my Mum again, though, thinking about it.

Recent eBay wins: 24 baseball cap, US Postal shorts and jersey keyrings. I'm really rather chuffed. Currently trying for a Curb your Enthusiasm baseball cap because, as you should all know by now, Larry David is a genius.

Last week's 24 was superb.

Tonight is CSI, and last in the series of Nip/Tuck.

(Thanks to the person who commented on yesterday's post - much appreciated.)


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