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Monday, April 19, 2004

Monday, Monday

They roll around quickly.

As planned, saw "The Station Agent" on Saturday. I enjoyed it. It was about a group of socially stunted misfits. What more could you want?

Then, on Sunday, I decided to stroll down to my (relatively) local cinema and caught "The Fog of War - Eleven Lessons From The Life of Robert S McNamara." My American politics lecturers would be proud of me. It was a good film - even if seeing it did feel a little like being in a lecture.

On the way back from the cinema, it tipped it down with rain and so I got absolutely soaked. So did my Nike trainers. Thus today I'm wearing my Converse shoes. Unfortunately, these are causing me what can only be described as acute agony. How can shoes cause so much pain? Well, at least they are dry. Thus they shouldn't cause any worse degree of infection in my ingrown toenails.

I have foot health problems. What can I tell you?

Enjoyed "The OC" again this weekend - even if it seems that every episode must include a drunken fight. "24" was good too. Although Jack's Drug Family Lover took a bullet in the head, and Nina (weirdly, I thought) decided to force her tongue down his throat. She should know better - women who dare get together with The God Jack have a tendency to end up dead.

The Buddy asked me to tape some wrestling for him on Pay Per View. I did, but the tape screwed up, and so now I have a version of WWE Backlash which looks as though it was taped at a cinema on a camcorder. By someone with a twitching arm. Fortunately, there's an encore showing today. Dear God, let's hope that's one tapes.


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