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Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Cosby Syndrome

When I was a kid, I was intensely annoyed by Bill Cosby's apparent need to put his name in the title of any production in which he appeared. "The Cosby Show." "The Cosby Mysteries". "Cosby." I found the self promotion, frankly, a tad sickening.

It is thus with some concern that I realised recently that Cosby Syndrome has spread to the UK. "Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights." "A History of Britain with Simon Schama." "The National Lottery In It To Win It With Dale Winton." "Some Dull Birdwatching Crap with Bill Oddie." And regular readers know how much I love Derren Brown (and I'm beginning to mean that in a literal sense - damn him and his hypnotic ways) but even he isn't immune. "Derren Brown: Trick of the Mind." "Derren Brown: Seance." "Derren Brown Plays Russian Roulette - Live". "Derren Brown: Going For A Walk".

So, listen up, programme namers, stop it. I'm clever enough to know that I'm going to want to avoid a birdwatching programme - you don't need to also warn me that it's hosted by Bill Oddie.

I am in a rather cheery mood today, after considerable depression yesterday.

It may be because I have a job interview. I'd been beginning to think such an event would never happen again but, heck, it just jumped up on me and surprised me.

As this is the first glimmer of leaving-this-job hope I've had in several months, I am already worrying about fundamentally screwing up the interview.

Also, I have discovered that Nestle Clusters are, contrary to my previous belief, edible. So long as you don't mix them with milk. This is a good discovery because it means that I can continue to buy Nestle Pic-A-Pac (its version of Kellogg's variety) without feeling guilty about the growing pile of uneaten Nestle Clusters. Now if I only I could get myself to like Nesquik cereal, I'd be home and dry...


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