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Monday, May 24, 2004

I Had A Hair Cut

Not a big deal for most people. But is for me. I hate having my hair cut. I hate the small talk. And I haven't been on holiday (anywhere nice or otherwise) for many years, so that's not even a possible topic.

Anyway, I did it. I went in. I sat down. I now have less hair. And so far no one has noticed. I feel great.

The Buddy has got me hunting down photos from the 1980s game "Guess Who." Don't even ask.

Two plugs.

1) Taxloss. Kind enough to link to my site, and leave lots of nice comments, and it's time I returned the favour.

2) Derren Brown's show on Channel 4. If you are not already watching it, start (there's only one left in the series, but sod you - you should have caught on earlier.) I have become hooked to a disturbing degree. Of course, he could well be persuading us to become hooked...


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