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Thursday, June 03, 2004

High Number Of Hits

I've noticed that the site has had quite a few visits over the past few days. Curiously, my handy little referrer tool tells me that many have come from Google.

I am, I confess, somewhat mystified by this. I'm not too sure what search terms people could be putting in to turn up this site. My first explanation was that people were attempting to find Googlewhacks ("hey - mcreadie and nuggets - no way that will turn up anything!") but now I'm wondering if my numerous plugs for our favourite psychological illusionist are the explanation.

It could be that I have inadvertently made my blog into a Derren Brown Fan(atic) site.

I don't know whether I'm amused or concerned to realise that, should the man himself Google his own name, he'll discover it pops up frequently in the ramblings of someone due to be treated at the Maudsley by the end of the year.

That, I should imagine, would be fairly freaky. Sod a séance. That's just tame.


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