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Monday, June 07, 2004

I Love Play.com

If anyone out there ever buys CDs or DVDs, please buy them from Play.com or Playusa.com.

Today, I received Season 2 of Curb your Enthusiasm - which isn't due out until the 15th. (Yeah, I probably just got Play into trouble by revealing that they send stuff out early).

Postage and packing is free, prices are cheap, delivery is speedy.

And, contrary to what you might be thinking, I am not being paid for plugging them this much (although if anyone from Play is reading, a couple of free things would be much appreciated.)

The only thing which screws up Play service is the Royal Mail. Is it just me, or have they become a bigger joke that BBC1's Saturday night primetime lineup?

Remember that job I went for the interview on last week? I sent the application recorded delivery. The Royal Mail are still unable to tell me whether it arrived (I'm assuming it did, although possibly it was picked up by one of London's pigeons and delivered that way - it seems more reliable.)

Then, on Saturday, I strolled out of my Tulse Hill abode to find one of those irritating "we tried to deliver a package, but couldn't use our brains, and so are leaving you this annoying little piece of cardboard which tells you to phone a number which will be engaged for the five hours we open it for." As I had been in all morning, I know that postie failed to BUZZ MY FLAT, or to leave the package at the locksmith's next door. Idiot. So now I am forced to ring said number, and arrange delivery to the post office two doors away from me. That will cost me 50p. Which seems a little steep, if you ask me.

Having said all that, Curb did arrive this morning before I left for work. Mind you, I was running hopelessly late.


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