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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Someone's Reading

Thanks to Alex and Damon for their e-mails, which have given me the warm, fuzzy feeling which can only come from realising that there is actually someone reading your ramblings.

I prepared a post on Sunday. I'm sure it contained funny, interesting, clever material. Which is why my computer crashed just as I tried to post it. It's called sod's law.

Anyway, I seem to recall I made some comment about Big Brother. I swore I wouldn't watch it this year because last year's happened right around the time I started to, er, lose my mind.

So, of course, on Friday night, I found myself tuning into the introduction show. I convinced myself I was only watching it while waiting for Derren Brown (which was bumped til 11.10 - unacceptable - for this fifth version of BB).

Anyways, I was pleased to see that they've selected a really nice bunch of people this year. All so friendly, pleasant and charming. I'm sure there won't be any arguments.

I particularly enjoyed the order in which the housemates were put into the house. "Here's Housemate 1, he's openly gay, and hates immigrants." "Here's Housemate 2, he's a Muslim, immigrant, and doesn't like homosexuals."

Oooo, I wonder if they will get on!

I tell you, it will serve the programme makers right if they all wind up getting on and making one another more open minded.

I noted that the obviously-privately-educated one explained that the reason she spoke the way she did is because "I'm from Southern England." No, love, the reason you speak the way you do is because your parents were rich and stupid enough to send you to private school.

I don't want "Southern England" becoming a euphemism for "public school". Not least since I come from Southern England. And did not go to private school (did you guess?)

I had that job interview yesterday. I think it went OK. Keep your fingers crossed. I hear back in two weeks. Which, as any job hunter knows, could mean any time between tomorrow and next year. And even then they are doing second interviews.

Now, then, did you follow my advice and watch Derren Brown? We're specifically talking about the séance. The man's a genius, I'm telling you. Not least for completely spooking The Buddy.

I twigged that the photos looked too modern, and that I'd never heard anything about a bleach suicide pact, but it didn't lessen the impact of the show. The students' fear - and their utter conviction that there were communicating with the dead - was the point. It was just damn clever from start to finish, and the denouement was perfect.

My Mum warned me not to watch it. She'd heard the man himself being interviewed on Jonathan Ross' show on Radio 2, and saying that it would be scary, and some people would be made uncomfortable by it. I pointed out that his PR people probably wouldn't have slapped him on the back if he said "it's gonna be really quite tame, I'd watch if I were you." She saw my point. Also, I can convince myself of anything through the wonders of OCD. I don't need a TV programme to help me.

I'm back at work today. Have I ever mentioned that I don't actually like my job?


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