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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

That Capital Radio Ad

I'm not a born Londoner. London has adopted me. I've been here four years now, and have managed to become one of those awful London-centric people who believes that life may well end if I venture past Zone 6.

As a Londoner (by adoption) I have recently been bombarded with publicity for the new Capital Radio breakfast show with Johnny Vaughn.

The most noticeable aspect of this campaign is the (very irritating) TV ad where the aforementioned Vaughn dances through London explaining that it's because he's a Londoner that he's joined Capital.

He explains that he feels his love for London when riding the Jubilee, down to Wem-ber-lee (great rhyme).

Yeah, er, slight problem. Any Londoner watching can see that the train he's on is not a Jubilee train - it's a bloody Victoria line.

This has annoyed me more than I can explain. I mean, the whole point of the ad is that he knows London, and yet can't recognise he's on the wrong train? Grrr.


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