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Monday, July 26, 2004

24 Season 3 Ends, Leaving More Questions Than Me In A Maths Exam

Last night, Season 3 of 24 drew to a close on Sky One. Six months of implausible plot twists, irritating pontificating by President Palmer, and heroic world-saving by everyone's favourite CTU agent Jack Bauer were over.

Part of the joy of 24 is realising that while it can be breathtakingly silly, it also manages to keep your attention. You may laugh as the storyline centres on yet another instant of Kim's idiocy (I remain entrenched in the belief that she is not Jack's daughter) but the fact remains that the storyline is often as gripping as it is daft.

What is also enjoyable about the show is realising the high number of gaping plot holes and, I have to say, I think the writers outdid themselves this time round. Let me share with you the biggest questions of Season 3.

- What's the real reason Jack got hooked on heroin?
- And what substance was he given to make the withdrawal symptoms disappear... for about sixteen hours?
- And why isn't it being given to all heroin addicts?
- Why are Nina and Sherry Palmer able to operate as free citizens, despite their previously established Crooks-Of-The-Universe status?
- Why was President David "Pillock" Palmer ever elected?
- Why does he constantly trust Sherry, despite having been screwed over by her every series?
- Why was he stupid enough to make his idiot younger brother Chief of Staff?
- Why did the casting agents ever think we'd buy into the concept that David and Wayne were brothers? They look completely different, for Chrissake!
- Why did Saunders want Chappelle dead?
- Why did the writers ever think that whole baby subplot was a good idea?
- How come Michelle was the only person in the hotel to survive the virus?
- How come Jack can get away with more or less anything, but poor Tony gets dragged into custody for trying to save his wife?
- "Chase"? I mean, is that even a real name?

Anyone got any others? E-mail me!

Oooo, and let's do the first two seasons as well!

Season One
- Why was Nina the mole?
- What was her motivation?
- Why did she speak German to her contacts at the end? She was meant to be with the Drazens - who were Serbs!

Season Two
- What did Jack whisper to Nina?
- How did Nina manage to, once again, get involved in a deal to end the world? You woulda thought the bad guys knew that she doesn't have a great track record.
- Why, goddamit, did George Mason have to die? (Sob, sob.)


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