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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Entertainment Gossip

Gleaned from my Chum in Toronto.

Apparently, Lance Armstrong and his girlfriend Sheryl Crow (yes, THAT, Sheryl Crow) are to marry. In other speculation, Jennifer Garner, star of my current favourite TV show is apparently dating Ben Affleck.

Being the sentimental old fool am I, having the unrealistic standards I have, and being too much of an idealist, both of these revelations bother me somewhat.

Having supported Armstrong since 1991, I probably one of the many cycling fans who finds it difficult to accept that Lance is no longer with his first wife Kristin.

They met when Armstrong set up his (now massive) cancer foundation, while he was still recovering from his illness, and before he became the megastar we now know. For a long while, she chronicled their lives, writing superbly, and giving a real insight into its twists and turns. She movingly wrote about the birth of their son Luke, and their twin girls Isabelle and Grace (both conceived through IVF). That was back in the days when it was mainly cycling geeks and/or those affected by cancer following Lance's career. And in his first book It's Not About The Bike, Armstrong too movingly wrote about their lives.

So when I read about the difficulties they were having in their marriage, and their subsequent separation and divorce, it was with a significant twinge of sadness. I don't know Kristin, of course, but I felt I did, and felt upset when I heard Lance and she were no longer together.

It's sad, too, that her role in Lance's comeback has been largely forgotten in this, the year of his record breaking sixth Tour de France victory. The fact is that she supported him through five of those victories, caring for their children, and leading what must be a pretty tough life as the wife of a professional cyclist. Of course, World Famous Cyclist Dating Rock Star makes a better story. I'm a realist, but it's disappointing.

Much, in fact, like the breakup of their marriage. I guess we all figured it was a fairy tale, and would have a happy ending. I guess it's difficult to remember that life isn't like that, and they're just normal people, dealing with ordinary (and extraordinary) problems.

And, yeah, the Jennifer Garner thing falls into the same kind of category. I just about dealt with the fact she'd split up with Scott Foley - I figured, y'know, first marriage, they married relatively young, she suddenly became much more famous - but now she's split with Michael Vartan and got it on with an ex of J-Lo? No, no, no, this just won't do. Oh, and I bet it's gonna make for a really great atmosphere on the set of Alias. Ah, well, maybe Victor and Ron can make the whole situation a little less uncomfortable - you just know they're the paternal voices of reason on set, dontcha now?


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