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Monday, July 12, 2004

The Great Gmail Giveaway - Our First Winner

Congratulations to Chris Lawrence, the first winner in the McReadie Nuggets Gmail Giveaway.

Chris' winning entry succesfully appealed to that instinct that makes me help fellow geeks. Congratulations, Chris. May you and your Gmail address be very happy together. Remember me when you use it to, I dunno, send successful job applications or marriage proposals. Remember who it is who got you the e-mail that got you where you are. McReadie. That's who. You owe me, buddy.

Anyone else out there want a Gmail address? If so, e-mail me and tell me why I should bestow you with an address. If you're an Alias fan, you're more or less guaranteed to be accepted! And if you're a member of the Alias cast or crew, consider yourself immediately accepted. I imagine a Gmail address isn't really that big a deal when you own a mansion in the Hollywood Hills but, what the heck, I'll make the offer anyway.


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