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Monday, July 12, 2004

It's Alias Praise Time... Again

Regular readers will know that Mondays tend to be the day I proclaim love for the fantastic TV show that is Alias. Sunday is the day I treat myself to an episode or five, and so I am always most enamoured with the show on Mondays.

Today I have decided to go on a little about the story of the family problems that lurks behind the spy-ass-kicking exterior of the show. If you listen to cast and crew comment on the programme, you'll hear them talk a lot about how the Alias of Alias is that it's a story about family difficulties. I'm sure this is in part to convince us all that this isn't just a show for geeky teenage male sci-fi fans with a crush on Jennifer Garner. I'm a cynic. I know that's a big part of it. But, gasp, there is also a lot of truth in this statement.

This weekend, I watched The Passage in which our favourite spy family go out on a little mission together and Jack and Irina act like a bickering divorced couple, with Syd trying to make peace between her parents.

The family story may be a little unconventional (CIA officer boy meets KGB officer girl, CIA officer boy does not realise that KGB officer girl is only marrying him to get information, they marry, have a daughter, girl fakes own death, boy finds out she was KGB and that he was betrayed, boy brainwashes daughter into becoming a spy, KGB girl turns out not to have died at all, CIA boy almost manages to get her executed...) but it still resonates and is, in my humble opinion, an incredibly strong part of the show.

As much as I love Victor Garber, the minute he puts a disguise on for the purposes of a mission I find myself giggling uncontrollably. The dodgy facial hair is always especially amusing.

Speaking of facial hair, respect to Ron Rifkin's. It's not quite a beard, it's not quite stubble. It's a Stubble Beard, and it's ingenious. And really rather fetching.


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