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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

iTunes: Draining Me Of Money Faster Than Lambeth Council

And considering the recent hike in council tax in Lambeth, that really is saying something.

There seems to have been somewhat of an explosion of new material on the iTunes store today, possibly because I hear Apple finally settled their argument with the independent labels.

There are three CDs (is that the right term, since it's digital music?) on there now which I never thought I'd be able to lay my sweaty little hands on - two by Syd and one by Marc Broussard.

The great thing about the Internet is that it makes it extremely easy to discover new music, not least due to the whole "customers who bought this title also bought" thing.

The bad thing is that getting hold of this music has often proved virtually impossible - even more so since the mighty Play were forbidden from posting foreign CDs to us Brits. Thanks very much, British Phonographic Association - who seem intent on destroying music rather than helping it.

Now, though, with iTunes, some of those problems are eliminated. Sure, there are still some big gaps for those who - like me - are in to bands that tend to be much bigger in the US and Canada than in England (Dave Matthews, anyone?) but it's an improvement. I'm still sad that Play - who offer a sterling service - are prevented from shipping American CDs to the UK. And not just because sometimes you want a "hard copy" of an album, and not just because iTunes can't yet plug all the gaps, but because it just seems so daft. And I'm amazed that an organisation that is meant to be promoting music sales in Britain seems so intent on restricting them.


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