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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Quick Update

First week of holiday has involved Tour watching, DVD watching, Gameboy playing, and even a few trips outside on the odd occasion.

Saw Shrek 2, which I much preferred to the original (mind you, I hated the original.) I went to see it during the mighty Ritzy Cinema's Breakfast Club, meaning I paid a mere two pounds fifty. Yes, that's right - two pounds fifty for a cinema ticket in London. It is possible, thanks to the Ritzy. I became a member on that visit - you gotta love the Ritzy.

As previously mentioned on many occasions, you also gotta love the Canadians. I ordered a book from Amazon in Canada. It arrived a mere couple of days later, and cost me next to nothing to use the quickest shipping method. I have recently begun to hate Amazon in England (slow shipping etc), but I knew I could trust my Canadian buddies.

I'm off to see The Story of The Weeping Camel in a moment. Well, I figured I'd see the 11:30 showing at the Trocadero. Not sure how realistic that is, seeing as I'm not dressed and breakfast has not yet been eaten. Ah, well. It'll be a fun mission. Can I make it? Place your bets.

I'm in work on Monday, so expect another post then! Contain your excitement!

Tour update: all seems to be going OK for Lance at the moment. Long may it continue. Allez Lance et le train bleu.


  • At 11:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    From Hypatia who can't be arsed to log in as requested and therefore appearing anonymous: Oi-oi! this blogger comments system is a little strange - seems to assume that anyone wanting to drop a line is a blogger user and we know from the tiny incestuous circle we have built in our teeny-tiny blogging community that that's just not true (still far more readers of blogs than users methinks). Still, here I am dropping a line to say thanks for the suggestions for my London citybreak and thanks for reminding me of Ritzy supercheap morning viewings - woohoo! The popcorn is more expensive at an 11.30am showing there! Shrek 2, Harry Potter 3 and Almodovar's Bad Education here I come!


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