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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A Quick Word On Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton is a cyclist, by the way. I'm not yet done with the cycling theme for today, as if you hadn't guessed.

Tyler Hamilton is one of Armstrong's challengers for the overall victory. A friend of Armstrong's, and an ex-teamate of his, Hamilton is a classy rider. And a brave one - last year he rode the vast majority of the race with a broken collarbone, and still managed to finish high on the overall, and to win a stage.

One of the highlights of Eurosport's Tour coverage is its behind the scenes programme before the live coverage of each stage. This year, one of the teams that they are following is Hamilton's Phonak outfit.

Anyway, they interviewed Hamilton today, and he explained that his dog, Tugboat, has cancer and will have to be put down. Any cycling fans will know that, in every interview with Hamilton, Tugboat makes an appearance. So I imagine this is very sad news for Tyler and his wife. Now I don't have a dog - I'm scared of 'em, not least since they all seem to love my ankles - but I feel very bad about this news.

I just wanted to mention it because I felt bad about it, and also because Hamilton deserves a long overdue mention on this blog.

~ Hamilton too has a foundation in his name - vist the website here - which has a dual purpose. First, it benefits those with multiple sclerosis. Second, it helps out young cyclists.

They have some cool merchandise for sale - if you can, buy some. It's a good cause. And note the nice piccie of Tyler and Tugboat on the front page.


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