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Monday, August 09, 2004

30 Going On 13 (sic)

I went to see the mighty 13 Going on 30. A review I read suggested the film was actually for 30 year olds going on 13.

They have a point. With its eighties references and jokes, the film did seem at times to be targeting me more than the frightening group of teenage girls dressed like they were twenty years older than 13 who sat in the cinema at the same time as me.

It's a film which portrays a world we can only dream of: a world in which the geeks prosper, everyone lives in gorgeous houses and the bitches at high school get their comeuppance. So of course I enjoyed it. And, of course, Jennifer Garner is excellent in it.

(Alias geeks such as, er, myself, will enjoy realising that her body double in this film is the same as in our favourite spy series. Or, er, maybe that's just me. The body double's name is Nancy. OK, I've said too much.)


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