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Friday, August 06, 2004

Great News, Gavin DeGraw Fans Who Use iTunes Store And Read This Blog!

So I would estimate that, right now, I'm talking to about one person. And that'd be me.

Anyways, that's never bothered me before.

Recently, Gavin DeGraw re-released his debut album Chariot. It's an obvious money making exercise. But this time, it's called "Chariot Stripped" and contains a whole load of acoustic versions of the songs.

I was excited by this. Until I realised that all the acoustic versions could only be bought with the full album - not by song. Grrr. That's hopeless. Clever (I have to rebuy the whole album in order to get the acoustic songs) yet hopeless.

But today I noticed that all but one of the acoustic tracks are now available to buy by the song. Hooray! Spending spree ahoy!


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