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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Hamsters For Kerry Campaign

We're continuing to get high numbers of hits from people searching for information on John Kerry's status as a friend to hamsters. Many people, including myself, feel that love for the gorgeous creatures that are hamsters is a vital attribute for any US President. With Bush's position on hamsters ambiguous (and - oh yeah - he's a bloody dangerous idiot), I have decided to give my full endorsement to John Kerry, proven friend of the hamster community. My imaginary hamster Woodrow is also giving Kerry his wholehearted support. If support for the hamster community weren't enough, he also isn't Bush. Let me restate that: he's not Bush. That seems to be another good reason to give him support.

I had considered setting up a Cafepress store to create "Hamsters for Kerry" merchandise but, as it turns out, some people have beaten me to it. I especially like the "reporting for duty" t-shirt.

Of course, the temptation to share the hamster community's views on Kerry (and, yeah, er, make a buck) on the basis of the high number of Kerry-Hamster Hits is proving almost overwhelming... Watch this space.


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