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Friday, August 13, 2004

Have A Nice Day Now!

I have to say - customer service in the States never ceases to amaze me. I've never been there - damn fear of flying - but any time I have dealt with an American company over the Internet, I have been astounded by the friendliness, efficiency and keeness to help.

Look at Kegel's Bikes. I send them a note to a general e-mail address on their website. I ask them if they ship limited edition t-shirts - which not even Nike shops over here will order in for me - over to the UK.

Three hours later, I have a lovely response. They will ship. They will try to reduce the amount I spend on shipping. They are happy to help me.

I have to say, British companies have got a hell of a lot to learn from their American counterparts about how to treat a customer. If someone in the US e-mailed a British company, just using the general address given for queries on the website, I guarantee that they would not get a response within three hours, as I did from Kegel's Bikes today. They'd be lucky to get any response at all.

I'm not quite sure when businesses and customers over here got into the mindset that states that good service is a bonus and not something to be expected. But I'd be really glad if we all got out of that mindset, and if every company was as friendly and helpful as Kegel's.

Just sayin'.


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