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Monday, August 09, 2004

I Have LiveStrong Wristbands To Give Away

Yes, it's true. I'm going to give away LiveStrong wristbands. I have three to give away: one child size, and two adult.

These were procured at Nike in Croydon. To my knowledge, it's not possible to get hold of them on the web at the moment.

All you have to do in order to get hold of one of them is show me that you have donated at least one pound, dollar, or Euro to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. You can donate money, securely, online. I will then send one out to you, completely free of charge, wherever you are in the world.

In short, I'm not making - and do not want to make - any profit here. I'm appalled that people are trying to make money off them on eBay, and that in many instances you can't be sure that any money is going to the Foundation. I also think it's a shame that people who want to show their support can't get hold of a band at the moment. So, this way, I know that I have made a donation when purchasing them, and know that you have made a donation in order to receive one.

First three people to e-mail me their donation proof get a wristband. Only one wristband per person. State clearly if you want an adult or child band.

If you're not one of the first three to win, but do make a donation, I will give you a mention on the blog as a little thank you for donating and participating in the McReadie Nuggets LiveStrong Yellow Wristband Giveaway. And you may not have got hold of a wristband, but you will have helped people living with cancer. And that's a pretty fine reward.


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