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Friday, August 13, 2004

Place of the Day III: It's Rockford, Illinois, Of Course!

It was an easy choice. Rockford, Illinois is McReadie Nuggets Place of the Day for Friday 13 August 2004.

Rockford is situated in north-central Illinois, among the rolling hills of that area. It has a population of 150,000, making it the state's second major city after Chicago. It is just an hour's drive from O'Hare International Airport.

Early settlers called the place "Forest City" because of the woods of the area. Now it's known as "The City of Gardens" - due to its 7000 acres of parkland.

The reason for Rockford's selection? It is home to the mighty Kegel's Bikes. See the previous post to understand why we love this bike shop so.

It's partly cloudy over there at the moment - and only about 21 degrees Celsius - so here's hoping this news will bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of Rockfordians. In the same way that their bike shop has brought a ray of sunshine into mine.


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