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Friday, August 13, 2004

A Pretty Damn Fine Day

I'm always loathe to declare any day "pretty damn fine". It's tempting fate and - in any case - few days ever seem to fall into the category. But it might be that, just maybe, I will look back on this on a pretty damn fine day.

Here's why:

1) Broadband working. I think we all believed it would never happen.
2) My brother was up in London today, and so I got to leave my office for an hour to spend a very nice lunch hour with my sibling.
3) Managed to navigate the potential minefield which is telling someone the article they have written is meaningless shit, and they may as well tear it up and start again.
4) It's cooler. I think I feel Autumn on its way.
5) With broadband, downloads are, well, fast. Five minutes to download iTunes. Took an hour and a half on my old computer and connection. Downloaded four albums from the iTunes Store in about forty five minutes. Hillary Clinton's convention speech (free to download on iTunes, bless 'em) was ready in the time it took me to wash my hands. And, yes, I have OCD, and so handwashing is an activity which requires careful attention and, hence, a little time, but that is still damn quick.
6) The truly wonderful people at Kegel's Bikes and, specifically, Theresa. Theresa took next to no time to respond to an e-mail I sent to a general info e-mail address. She also told me that this Illinois based company would be more than happy to send me the limited edition, virtually impossible to find, 6 time Tour winner merchandise produced to celebrate Armstrong's unprecedented achievement. They will charge me a mere 20 dollars for shipping, and will try and put everything in one box to reduce payments for me. So, it's clear to me - as it should be to anyone with a brain - Kegel's Bikes is a wonderful bike shop, which employs wonderful people, and which all of us cycling nuts should shop at whenever we have the opportunity.

Yup, a pretty fine day. Yet it's Friday the 13th... Hmmmm... Who'd have thought it?


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