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Monday, August 02, 2004

Take A Bow, Lucy Mangan

Lucy is, for those of you who don't know, the writer of the WPM column in The Guardian's Office Hours section, which appears each Monday. If you normally skip past Office Hours, be sure to change your habits, and make a stop at WPM. It's consistently well written, amusing, and an excellent reflection on the nightmares of modern working life (much like Dilbert). I heartily recommend it.

I keep meaning to e-mail Lucy Mangan to tell her someone out there is appreciating her writing - an oasis of cheer amongst the disappointments that are the Media jobs advertised - but I never quite seem to get round to it. Or, for that matter, know what to write.

So I figured I'd praise the column here. I get the impression that Lucy probably has the same tricks for killing the working day that the rest of us do - and so I assume she will one day stumble across this on a Monday morning when she says to herself, hey, I wonder what comes up when I Google my own name...


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