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Friday, September 24, 2004

Gary Sinise - Dullard (Part Deux)

Remember yesterday I pointed out that star of CSI New York Gary Sinise didn't even know what CSI stood for?

Well, guess what, he repeated the mistake on the very same show (the superb Late Show With David Letterman) just one day later.

Biff Henderson, who does regular slots on Letterman's show and who if I'm not mistaken is the floor manager on the programme, attended the premiere of the new CSI-rip off. The following was his exchange with Sinise:

Biff: What does CSI stand for?
Sinise: Crime Scene Investigators. (No, Sinise, it DOESN'T).
Biff: And what does NY stand for?
Sinise: New York.
Biff: Wow - how did they come up with that title?
Sinise (not even cracking a smile): Are you joking?

So, not only is Sinise an idiot, he's lacking in any identifiable sense of humour! Not quite the mighty William Peterson, is he now?


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