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Friday, September 24, 2004

Illegal Food Eating

It's my last day today (redundancy kicks in on Monday) and so I bought some junk food in for my comrades to enjoy.

There are two sides of the office - my side, and the other side. I did not want the other side to steal all the food from my side.

Thus, I bought a box of Celebrations and a tube of Pringles which were placed on my side of the office, and I only notified those on my side of the office as to their location.

My two bosses (the one who made me redundant, and the gutless one who didn't but who should have been the one who told me) wandered over here and, noticing my food, started to help themselves. I could have killed them.

What is it about British public school, middle class idiots which makes them think they don't have to respect other people's property, and can act however the hell they like. Would you see a box of chocolates and, not knowing who they belonged to, think "ah, great, I can help myself!"

I know it's a tiny thing, but it really, really pissed me right off.


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