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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

LivingTV And Their Weird Cutting Policies

Last night, LivingTV showed the Emmys. I was happy about this.

I sat through all the early awards - best supporting boom operator in a drama series, outstanding lighting in a made for TV movie or mini series, outstanding guest animal actor in a TV comedy series - but I was really waiting for the final ones. The important ones. The ones we care about.

More specifically, I was waiting for the best actress in a drama series award. Allison Janney won it, for reasons defying understanding (in fact, not even she understood it by all accounts - she didn't have a speech prepared). I wanted to see her piss poor speech, and wanted to see the lovely Victor Garber - who was presenting the award - disguise his disappointment that his screen daughter, the equally lovely Jennifer Garner, didn't win.

I fell asleep last night through the final awards, but set the video. This morning I arose, and took a look at the tape, fast forwarding through to find the appearances of our favourite Alias stars. Couldn't. The bloody idiots at LivingTV had decided to cut the award for lead actress in a drama and, for that matter, the award for best comedy.

I suspected this was a time issue. It was confirmed when I e-mailed the channel. I e-mailed them back explaining that I didn't really care who won best writing in a drama series, but I did care who won LEAD SODDING ACTRESS!



  • At 7:43 PM, Blogger Fizzwhizz said…

    I know it's kind of a while since you posted this but something's just occurred to me: do you think maybe it's more expensive to get the rights to the interesting bit of the show, the bit with the celebs in, so they bought more of the boring stuff? After all, then they can keep trailing the interesting bits at the end and the audience sticks with it, thus watching the advertising which is after all the point of the whole exercise?
    Give me the Stuntman/Woman awards any day, though. Hilariously unconvincing "stunt" entrances by the presenters and people like the guy out of 2 Fast 2 Furious actually admitting that he wouldn't be famous without the unknown stuntmen.


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