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Friday, September 10, 2004

PaiNLeSS - Your Idiocy Is PaiNFuLL

OK, here we go, Mr PaiNLeSS. Let's point out why you're an IdIOt.

1) My family and I have tried to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm because we found it moderately funny...
- Let's be clear. Curb is moderately funny in the same way Hitler was moderately evil, you are moderately stupid, and I am moderately pedantic.

2) I must, however, regrettably say, Curb Your Enthusiasm...
- Yes, we too regret that you must say anything. Know the solution? Shut up.

3) ... along with the whole of HBO, is really starting to show too much Jewish influence.
- Er... Let's see here. Let's take a look at some HBO shows.
"The Sopranos". Yes, you're right, the influence of Judaism is present for all to see here. Those crazy Italian-American-Mobster-Mafia-Jews. Could they just give it a rest with the whole "not killing people from sundown on Friday to sunset on Saturday" nonsense? It really slows the flow of the show. And if I have to see one more scene in which Tony Soprano wears a skullcap... Well, I might just puke.
"Sex And The City". Damn those crazy Jewish women. Sleeping around, smoking, and going to synagogue. Unacceptable.
"Deadwood". What genre is more Jewish than Western?
"Six Feet Under". Yet more Judaism. A family of undertakers called "Fisher". How Jewish a name is that!
"Carnivale". Yeah, it's a show about a traveling circus, but I bet they are all Jewish. Jewish dwafts! Jewish and height-restricted! I can't stomach it.

4) Many of their(HBO)shows have strayed way too far from mainstream Christian American sensibilities to be considered viewable programming.
- Yeah, I think you're right. It's all those Jewish programmes that have done it.

5) Indecently, how does Larry get away with saying something like, " Who'd want to buy a car made by Nazi's?" on his show? Referring to the German manufacture Mercedes.
- I don't know. How do you get away with putting an unnecessary apostrophe in "Nazis", and leaving the "r" off manufacturer? Maybe you're just kidding around - like Larry?

6) You could only imagine the massive outburst if a non-cosher program( is there one?) said something negative about a Jewish or Israeli product. People would be labeled anti-semite, fired, and possibly do some jail time over something like that.
- OK, first off, you mean "Kosher", not cosher. Secondly, Kosher refers only to dietary rules in Judaism. So a non-kosher programme might show, ooo, I dunno, a guy eating a cheese burger. I'm thinking that a show which portrayed a guy eating meat and dairy probably wouldn't be labeled anti-semite. I'm also assuming that the guy wouldn't be fired, and probably not jailed.
The fact is, though, that many shows do make jokes about Judaism - including Curb your Enthusiasm. It's all about having a sense of humour and a modicum of intelligence, PaiNLeSS. I fear you're lacking both.
And I assume you haven't yet been imprisoned despite your clear anti-semitic views, so you might wanna revise your ideas on the prison terms attached to being anti-semitic.


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