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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Reflections On Redundancy

So, yeah, I've been made redundant. Along with most of the rest of my department.

It's a weird feeling. By the beginning of October, I probably won't be working for the company I've worked for over the past four years. I've been with the company since it was created, and now I won't be any more. I'm not sure the reality of that has quite set in yet.

There are five new positions that have been created at the company for which we can apply, but only one for which I'm really suited. And we can all do the Maths - it works out at about twelve people all competing for five jobs. And two of them are sewn up already - there are only two people in the company who can do them.

After work yesterday, I went to the pub with my fellow "redundants". It was good to have a bitching session about the whole situation, but depressing to realise that there are about ten other people in the exact same situation as me - looking at the prospect of unemployment three months before Christmas. And that's just within my company. How many other people were told yesterday that their company was reorganising, and that they were no longer needed?

It's unfair, but then life is. What can you do about it? You pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and carry on. I just hope I find another job soon.


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