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Friday, September 10, 2004

Stickin' Up For My Buddy Larry

I can't tolerate people being stupid. It's a long term problem. I try to restrain myself, but any time that anyone says something idiotic in my vicinity, I find myself having to correct them. It's a habit which I suspect one day is going to lead to physical violence.

One of the many wonderful things about the Internet is that there are so many openly stupid people just waiting to babble on about their stupid and ill-informed views. Yes, my friends, it's the world of the forum, the bulletin board and - dare I say it - the blog.

It was Curb your Enthusiasm night last night and, as a result, I have been once again reminded of the genius of our buddy Larry David. I figured I'd wander over to the forums on the show's site in the States and read the opinions of some fellow Larry nuts.

It was here I stumbled across this unintentionally hilarious post:

"My family and I have tried to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm because we found it moderately funny...

I must, however, regrettably say, Curb Your Enthusiasm, along with the whole of HBO, is really starting to show too much Jewish influence. Many of their(HBO)shows have strayed way too far from mainstream Christian American sensibilities to be considered viewable programing.

Indecently, how does Larry get away with saying something like, " Who'd want to buy a car made by Nazi's?" on his show? Referring to the German manufacture Mercedes.

You could only imagine the massive outburst if a non-cosher program( is there one?) said something negative about a Jewish or Israeli product. People would be labeled anti-semite, fired, and possibly do some jail time over something like that."

These are the words of PaiNLeSS (always love people who scatter capitals through their "name"). Sadly, PaiNLeSS was too GutLeSS to leave his or her e-mail address, and I can't be bothered to join yet about forum in order to correct the idiocy of one of its posters. So, in the next post on the mighty McReadie Nuggets, we look at why PaiNLeSS is an IdIoT.


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