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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Without A Trace Joins My Must-See List

I've mentioned Without a Trace before, but on the strength of last night's episode I've decided it's Must-See-TV, and so deserves another mention on this blog.

Last night's episode Copycat was a highly emotional, tour de force performance for our new friend Anthony LaPaglia. If he manages to keep this up, he might just wipe from my mind his awful guest role in Frasier. The quality of his performance has already made me forgive him for his floppy hair.

In the episode, LaPaglia's character, Jack (what is it with quality TV dramas and the name Jack - we also have Bristow and Bauer) is forced to revisit a highly traumatic 12 year old case, as well as the suicide of his mother.

The episode was obvious Emmy bait, and I felt rather smug when some research this morning showed that it is the episode LaPaglia's chosen to submit.

I therefore am going to have to change my bet on the winner of the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama category. In a previous post, I put money on Martin Sheen, due to the tendency of Emmy judges to only reward actor's work in the weakest season of their show. But after watching tonight's episodes, I think I have to go with our buddy Tony (and, no, I don't mean Soprano.)

Anyway, let me cut to the chase: if you're not already watching Without a Trace, start. Monday at 10pm, Channel 4. For once, they've given one of their classy US imports a decent time slot, so make the most of it (and ignore the fact that they screwed up the scheduling of the first series of the show).

By the by, Season One of the show comes to UK DVD on 25 October. It's not cheap, but at least this way you'll get to watch it when you want to and, if you so choose, at a regular time each week. You know what to do - get it from Play.


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