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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Ah, Of Course, Boredom...

Boredom has set in. I am, it has to be said, easily bored. And so that today has been the first complete day of boredom since I became, well, unemployed, is somewhat of a surprise.

It was raining outside, and I had no actual reason to leave the flat so, predicatably, the day turned into a Murder One Marathon (A MurderOneAthon, if you will). I believe I watched about six episodes, more or less in a row. I have to praise Daniel Benzali as Theodore "Ted/Teddy" Hoffman (I'm sure he's delighted to receive my praise for a part he played some eight years ago).

But he really is superb, and he portrays a character who at last listens to my yelled-out-at-the-TV comments. Today - Me: "Fire the bitch, Teddy". Teddy's next line: "You're fired". Way hay! At last a character who follows my advice! Go Teddy!

I really would recommend buying the show on DVD to any Region 2ers out there. You know where to go - play.com.


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