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Monday, October 11, 2004

A Top Top 10 List

An excellent top ten list from the always-excellent Late Show With David Letterman following the second Presidential debate (in which, for the record, I thought Kerry kicked butt).

Top Ten Questions Audience Members Were Not Allowed To Ask During Tonight's Debate

10. Who's a better one-term president--you or your father?

9. Is it annoying being married to a woman who always smells like ketchup?

8. With oil at $50 a barrel, why aren't we looking into cheaper barrels?

7. Which best describes your economic policies: "Preposterous lies" or "Absolute crap"?

6. Senator Kerry, what impact do you think your large, canoe-shaped head will have on the economy?

5. What is your favorite episode of "Sanford and Son"?

4. Do you prefer flipping or flopping?

3. Which one of you is Dukakis?

2. Do you think John Edwards would be interested in dating a New Jersey Governer?

1. If either of you win, will you pardon Martha?


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