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Saturday, November 06, 2004

And I'm Back

Back from Exeter. I coped. It was a little tough but here I am back in London in one piece.

I tell you, at times I began to wonder if my Maudsley dudes are in cahoots with my boss' family. Some of the situations this weekend honestly felt like they'd been deliberately dreamt up by my mental health dudes to place me several hundred miles outside of my comfort zone.

I seriously considered suggesting this to them at the next session, but then realised that would possible be taken as a sign of paranoia. I do have quite a collection of anxiety problems, but fortunately that ain't one of 'em (at the moment).

You know, I'm sure they'd be happy to treat it (probably by getting one of 'em saying to you for five minutes: "Yeah, everyone is trying to get at you. It's a conspiracy. I'm in contact with every single person in your life, and we're right now figuring out how to get you into anxiety-provoking situations") but perhaps it's best I don't mention it.


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